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More Patient Reviews

Real Testimonials From Real Patients

At Coastal Chiropractic we love it when our patients share with us their feedback and comments after receiving chiropractic care from our dedicated team of doctors.

We encourage you to read the testimonials below to see how patients, just like you, have found relief from pain and past physical limitations.

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Everyone was very Friendly and Charismatic

Everyone was very friendly, charismatic and had attention to detail. The clinic also runs very efficiently. Great job Dr. Lee and all of the staff coming to work and being happy to be there.

– Amanda B.

Lovely Atmosphere

Coastal Chiropractic is a lovely atmosphere and Dr. Lee speaks my language. It has been only three times so far it’s splendid. Looking forward to working with these wonderful peeps.

– Matt G.

A Very Clean and Comfortable Setting

Keep doing what you’re doing! I’m thankful that I am blessed with Coastal Chiropractic to help with my neck and lower back problems! Very nice and well-educated staff, in a very clean and comfortable setting.

-Richard W.

Tremendously Helpful

I have been going to Coastal Chiropractic for five weeks. They have helped me tremendously! The treatment received is overseen each visit. I go home with the proper information on stretching and exercising, as well as the correct pillow to support my neck. The entire staff is so upbeat, positive, and knowledgeable that I look forward to my treatment and to the day that I will no longer need it.

-June G.

Professional & Helpful

The entire staff was very friendly, professional, and helpful. They did a great job walking me through everything and answering questions so that it was easy to understand. Everything was well organized and on time, so I wasn’t stuck waiting to be seen. The atmosphere was amazing and I know I am going to love being there every week!

-Cristian W.

Smiles From Everyone

The staff shares a trait very hard to come by, which is a complete understanding of what chiropractic care is all about. Each member of the team compliments the rest of the team. From the front desk to the back rooms, everyone is ready and willing to step forward beyond their job to make sure each patient isn’t left waiting for help or treatment. Smiles from everyone is very noticeable.

I don’t feel like a stranger which is very rare. Most DR’s offices have a sterile feel about them and an uncaring attitude towards everyone who enters their doors. Your doors welcome us all.

So in conclusion, I and my family are in the right place and we have no regrets about our treatments, or adjustments. Thank you to you all

Kind Regards,

-Pat D.

Amazing Team!

Wonderful staff, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this clinic to my family and friends. If you are someone who is unsure or nervous just make an appointment and they will walk you through everything before even beginning treatment. So grateful to have found such an amazing team.

-Christie P.



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