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Neck Pain Relief Treatment at
Coastal Chiropractic

doctor Lee treating patients neckNeck pain is common because there are so many things that can cause discomfort. Whiplash, usually brought on by auto accidents, is just one reason your neck may hurt. Text neck, poor posture, a stiff neck, a pinched nerve, or a bulging or herniated disc can also cause painful experience.

Smart Devices Promote Bad Posture and Can Cause Neck Pain

These are some of the sneakiest causes of neck pain. This is because most people don’t think about how they’re sitting or standing, so damage accumulates until it is impossible to ignore. By then, significant changes in the neck’s resting posture have often already occurred. Stress makes it even worse since it causes the muscles to tighten up.

Disc Injury Issues that Can Be a Pain in the Neck

A bulging or herniated disc has become both shorter and wider than it belongs. This causes the disc itself to hurt. When the disc is herniated, it also leaks fluid, and this can impinge on the nerves within or around the disc. Such impingement causes pain, numbness, and other unwanted sensations.

Common Problems with Your Vertebrae

Often, injuries or long-term postural problems result in misalignments of the vertebrae known as subluxations. These cause irritation to the vertebrae themselves as well as to the surrounding nerves.

Choose Chiropractic Care for Treatment of Whiplash

This is likely the most infamous type of car accident injury. With this injury, the connective tissue of the neck is strained and sprained, and the vertebrae are often knocked at least a bit out of alignment. These problems are not only painful, but can result in a stiff neck which, without treatment, takes weeks or even months to loosen up again.

How Coastal Chiropractic Can Speed Up Healing and Relieve Your Neck Pain

Correcting vertebral subluxations does much to bring pain relief and speed up healing. This is because once the problems are corrected, your body doesn’t have to fight against misalignments in order to repair itself. Correction of these problems also stops ongoing irritation of the bones, discs, and nerves.

You may also be given therapeutic massage, corrective exercises, and postural training. If your lifestyle is at the root of your problems, as it is with text neck, you’ll be given instruction on how to do what you love in healthier ways. You’ll find that not only does your pain stop, but your general wellness improves, too.

To make an appointment with us here at Coastal Chiropractic in Melbourne, FL, just give us a call to schedule. We’ll be glad to evaluate you and devise the perfect treatment plan for your condition.


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