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Knee On Trac – Knee Decompression
in Melbourne

At Coastal Chiropractic, we’re committed to providing our patients with the most advanced therapies available to help reduce their pain and restore function. Our newest adjunct service is knee decompression therapy, and we’re excited to introduce it to you!

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Relief for Your Knee Pain

Many of our patients complain of knee pain from a variety of causes. The good news is that knee decompression therapy may help in most of them. Designed to address chronic pain, range of motion issues, and loss of function, knee decompression therapy is a safe, non-invasive solution for many conditions including

  • Chronic knee pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • ACL/PCL injuries
  • Meniscus tears

  • Chronic muscle strain
  • Previous injuries
  • Worn cartilage
  • And more

The treatment is extremely comfortable, and many of those who have received therapy have told us they have seen an improvement after just one visit.

How Does It Work?

Similar to spinal decompression therapy, Knee On Trac is a computerized machine using intermittent traction and release to target the knee area. The leg is secured by an inflatable cuff just below the knee and a strap over the upper thigh. There’s no direct knee joint pull or pressure, and no tension is placed on the ligaments.

The gentle traction pulls the knee slightly apart until it creates tension and a vacuum that allows increased circulation in the joint. This allows more nutrients to flow into the injured joint, helping the body heal.

Increased spacing in the joint helps reduce pressure on the cartilage and regenerate what we can.

At our clinic, we have found adding cold laser therapy during the decompression session helps increase circulation and decrease inflammation.

Experience Relief & Healing With Trigenics®

Trigenics is a neuro-kinetic, sensorimotor assessment, treatment and training system that helps restore mobility and function to patients with knee problems. Trigenics uses modern Western medical knowledge of neurology. By using the principles of reflexogenic neurophysiology, the “hardwiring” of the patient’s body is used as a vital part of the treatment.

Here are some benefits associated with this unique cutting-edge treatment:

  • Instantly relieves pain
  • Accelerates healing
  • Restores strength and movement
  • Rapidly reprograms the way the brain communicates with the body
  • Augments muscular performance
Our patients have experienced quicker relief and healing through this advanced systematic treatment. We are pleased to be the only practice offering it in our area.

What to Expect

Patients should expect a decrease in pain and inflammation, better hydration in the joint, increased range of motion, and faster healing.

As with most therapies, the amount of treatments necessary to provide the best results varies on a case-by-case basis. General recommendations suggest a minimum of 10-12 sessions, up to a maximum of 24, to restore the knee to proper function. Regular maintenance care is necessary to keep the joint working as well as possible without pain.

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