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Natural Neuropathy Care in Melbourne

closeup of foot with radiating pain in heelIf you’re struggling with nerve pain, you’re not alone. Neuropathy affects millions of Americans each year, and can be extremely debilitating. Fortunately, there are natural treatments available that can help you find relief.

At Coastal Chiropractic, we offer various services that can help ease your nerve pain and help your body heal. From infrared light therapy to spinal adjustments, we’ll work with you to create a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

What Is Neuropathy?

It’s a general term for damage to the nervous system. Symptoms, which can include numbness, tingling, pain, and weakness, can be caused by various conditions, including diabetes, injury, chemotherapy, and certain viral infections. This condition is often treated with medication, but that only masks the problem, instead of correcting it at its source.

There are only three main categories of causes:

  • Physiological/Functional CausesThe most common lifestyle cause of peripheral neuropathy is type 2 diabetes. However, there are other circulatory conditions that can damage the peripheral nervous system. These include heart disease, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and stroke.
  • Chemical CausesThese include anything that gets into the body by choice or by choice. Such causes include anti-inflammatory medications and statin drugs commonly used for treating high cholesterol. Other chemical causes include chemotherapy and radiation, or Agent Orange exposure, as well as protracted and heavy alcohol and/or tobacco use, and excessive sugar consumption.
  • Physical/Traumatic CausesThese causes of nerve damage typically produce large fiber mono-neuropathies, like sciatica pain, although they can contribute to the peripheral type, as well as being a singular cause of peripheral neuropathy.

4 Components to Our Neuropathy Protocol

Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy

This technology is used to increase blood flow and repair the nerve. The light therapy signals Vaso Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), which indicates the production of angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels required to repair nerve damage. These blood vessels grow back around the peripheral nerves and provide them with the essential nutrients needed to heal and repair.


This modern digital electro therapeutic stimulation helps develop the nerves, a term called nerve re-education. The Cancer Centers of America uses this to help those going through chemotherapy rebuild the nerves. Nerve re-education can also be done at home, so therapy can be performed daily. A person can experience immediate results in both pain relief and restoration of normal sensation.

Advanced Nutrition Therapy

Proper nutrition in support of our other vital components is essential for optimal tissue and nerve repair. Our advanced nutritional therapies have been formulated to accelerate the healing process by affecting the complex processes of inflammation, blood flow, and bioavailable nitric oxide.

In-Clinic Visits & Online Education

Along with your home infrared electromagnetic and electrostimulation therapy, we will have you visit the office once per week for our in-clinic protocol. Each critical component is equally important for patient results.

Natural, At-home Care for Patients

At our office, we use infrared light therapy to help patients overcome nerve pain and regenerate damaged nerves. This type of light therapy is a promising new treatment for nerve pain that is non-invasive and does not have any side effects.

How Does it Work?

Infrared light therapy works by using infrared light to penetrate deep into the tissue, where it can then stimulate cellular processes that promote healing. When applied to the skin, this type of light therapy can help reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and stimulate the production of new collagen. All these effects work together to improve nerve function and reduce pain.

You can apply the therapy to whichever part (or parts) of your body are experiencing nerve problems, whether it’s your feet, legs, arms, hands, or somewhere else. This therapy is carried out in the comfort of your home. We’ll show you how to use the equipment.

To check your progress and ensure that care is working properly, we’ll invite you to come into the office once a week during the beginning of your at-home care, so that we can evaluate how it’s going and answer any questions.

How Long Until I See Results?

While each patient is unique, we have had many people notice significant improvement in their condition in as little as 30 days but it takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to get complete results.

Will Other Modalities Help?

Chiropractic care may help treat neuropathy by reducing inflammation and promoting nerve healing. We’ll let you know if we think this could help you after we evaluate your needs during a consultation. Spinal decompression may also offer excellent results.

Learn More Today

If you are interested in learning more about how infrared light therapy could help you overcome neuropathy, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our office.


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